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Hydrobox 900-AIO System

Max flow:5.2m³/h    

Max head:50m    

Medium temperature range:0~55℃    

Max operating pressure: 6bar    

Voltage range: 160-250V    

Speed: 1500-3000rpm    

Insulation class: Class F    



Hydrobox is a highly intelligent variable frequency boosting system that integrates constant pressure, quiet operation, precise real-time pressure, power, and speed parameter displays. It also boasts a professional mode for effortless manual pressure adjustments.    


AIO Water Pressure System

Perfect Water Pressure Integrated Inverter Control System Constant Pressure at any time

Breakthrough of Pump Energy-saving Variable -frequency permanent magnet motor Low consumption and compact structure

Permanent Magnet motor comes with 85% motor efficiency and Multiple Protections

LED display, with longer service life than the LCD screen

Small volume, gaining more possibilities to install    

Up to 55℃ Liquid temp, for more guarantee    

Comes with a Quick Installation Kit, making it easy for home application.    

8 protective measures    


It is designed to handle the pressure boosting in residential buildings and villas.    

Pressure boosting of city mains water    

Pressure boosting of roof tank, break tank and ground tank    

Water supply from shallow wells    

Working Conditions

Maximum ambient temperature up to +40℃    

Maximum fluid temperature up to 55℃    

Maximum pressure up to 6 bar    

Upgradeable Waterproof Module for Wet Environments   

Hydrobox900 constant pressure

Hydrobox900 constant pressure


Constant pressure variable frequency water pump, intelligent control, independent research and development, fashionable appearance

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